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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Love Never Dies Footage

I actually found footage from the show, the user has the COMPLETE orignal musical and then parts of the new version with Sierra as Christine and some with Celia as Christine as well.
I'll just put some of the videos and you can go to the users youtube channel to see the other videos!

"The Beauty Underneath & The Phantom Confronts Christine"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tangled's "I See The Light"

My sister watched the film when it came out and I watched Burlesque. What a mistake I made for waiting for the DVD. But anyways, I fell in love with it from the beginning. It reminded me of the classic Disney from the '90s.
The second thing I loved about this movie is well, Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzherbert! His character is like no other character. Though the storyline kinda reminded me of Aladdin. Aladdin is a thief, like Flynn. Rapunzel isn't allowed to get out of her tower, like Jasmine can't leave the castle. And both Rapunzel and Jasmine's best friend are animals (Pascal and Rajah). But I don't really mind because the characters are set differently and the setting is different. As long as I enjoy the movie I'm ok with it. And so far I've seen it more than twice a day. I've had the line's stuck in my head, the songs, and Flynn!
So as a way to restart the Weekly Song segment "I See the Light" made it this week even though I love "I Have a Dream" sung by Rapunzel and the Ruffians.

Here is the performance by Zach Levi and Mandy Moore at the Oscars:

Now, on the Disney Cruise they have added Tangled to "The Golden Mickey's" performance. I've seen clips for other Disney movies, but haven't found the Tangled one, only the recording of it with pictures and everytime I listen to that version I want to see the clip because I want to see how they did the boat scene and floating laterns!

Sierra Boggess and John Owen Jones "The Phantom of the Opera"

That is why I love her! She has an amazing voice!